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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who Wants to go Potty With Me?

Last night I was in bed and I heard Alvin in the living room doing his potty prance, which consists of him repeatedly running in a large loop until he can't hold it anymore and then finally running outside to go potty.  I initially took notice of it because although he used to do this all the time, he largely quit the potty prance some time ago. I then couldn't help but take notice because between loops he would come into the bedroom doorway and "peek" at me before running a few more loops.  After about five minutes of the loop and peek routine, I got up because he clearly wanted something from me.  I proceeded to walk outside with him and he promptly urinated at my feet because he couldn't hold it anymore.  Luckily it was at my feet and not on my feet.  It took me a minute to figure it out but I realized that he was afraid to go out there by himself.  I have written before about Alvin sometimes being afraid of the dark but this time it seemed as though he needed a buddy to walk him to the bathroom.  I think his fear comes from the fact that furry little creatures come out at night and I can often hear them in my backyard.  Maybe last night he heard what sounded like an extra big one, although a mouse would probably do the trick.  Tonight he is not showing any fear of going out there but I kind of hope he does because there is nothing cuter than Alvin coming in to peek at me and then essentially needing me to walk him to the bathroom.  Maybe I'll sneak out there and shake the bushes so he thinks there's a bear out there and I can once experience the mindbogglingly cuteness of Alvin Stanley.  Sure, it might traumatize him but it's Saturday night and I could use a bit of entertainment.

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