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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who Are You?

I have been watching more of the videos of Alvin in his former foster home and both my mom and I have grown increasingly more perplexed. I watch the videos and ask, "who are you?"  because the videos show such a livelier, more playful dog. As mentioned before, I have still not seen Alvin run and the playfulness on the videos?   HUH?   My mom is convinced that he very much needs a playmate and is very fearful that I am going to bring one home on my trip this weekend when I am going to be surrounded by about 15 cocker spaniels who all need foster homes. I am holding steadfast to my stance that I just don't want a third dog and I have to draw the line some where because I keep looking for a dog for my cat and I can't then try to find another dog for my foster dog.  I also find the difference from two to three to big a big leap and one that I don't want to take. I am certain that Alvin needs a playmate and is growing increasingly bored here. I am so hoping that someone with a playful, but not aggressive dog will come along and be willing to adopt Alvin. I know that we did a lot of good work here and I think he has progressed to the point where some of his other needs can begin to be met. 

When showing my mom the videos of Alvin running around with toys in his mouth, she became frustrated with the fact that we have a whole basketful of toys here and Alvin won't play with them. He clearly enjoyed toys and after we both agreed that he needs to have a dog model how to play with them, I kid you not when I turned around to find my mom pretending to have one in her mouth, jumping around and making barking noises. She would have gotten down on all fours if it weren't for that newly operated on knee of hers. She suggested that I get on all fours and pretend to be a dog but I politely declined......okay, so I looked at her, scoffed, and asked her if she was crazy. As if Alvin's going to mistake me for a dog and start playing with the toys. It is disheartening to see him having so much fun in the past and now seeming bored. Here is a video that gives you an example of how he used to play. The video is primarily of the other two dogs, Brady (the terrorizer) and his brother Eli but what you want to make sure and not miss is at the 38 second mark and the dog that comes leaping across the screen with a toy in his mouth. I had to replay it several times just so I could comprehend that that was really Alvin. He needs to get his playfulness back.  Enjoy!

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