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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alvin's Best Day

Boy, oh boy, did Alvin have a great day yesterday!  He had two separate, lengthy visits at my mom's house during the day, which included getting pieces of hot dogs hand fed to him.  His first visit was also with Stevie but he got to go over there a second time without her and probably felt like a big boy!  Just when he thought it couldn't get better, I got a call from Maisy, my 11-year-old niece who wanted to spend the night at my mom's house.  Once she arrived, I brought Alvin over.  I think his head nearly exploded because not only was my mom there but also a kid!  He immediately ran to Maisy and did the fascination stare but what was very interesting to me was once he realized he knew her, he went back to being leery of having his head or back touched.  I am wondering if his boldness and fascination with children would decrease once he knew them.  I'm just not sure.  Maisy was unwrapping caramels for my mom because she is going to make some type of caramel sauce and Alvin was right there in hopes of getting a taste.  He may or may not have been given one, or four, but it was strictly for scientific purposes in continuing to try to assess what Alvin won't eat.  It remains everything, with the exception of mint flavored Tums.

It was clear that the excitement was nearly too much for him because he never stopped moving.  He couldn't even contain himself long enough to do his characteristic stare at my mom and remained a perpetual dog in motion.  We were there for quite some time and since we had had three lengthy visits, I was worried that he would go potty indoors, which would result in the end of visits there.  I don't know whether he understands not to go potty in any house, or just in my house but the evening ended in success.  My mom had a talk with him and told him that if he doesn't go potty indoors that he can come over for visits on his own.  Let's hope he understands human language because how cute would it be for him to go for visits on his own?

I found it a bit of a challenge to get him home again because when leaving my mom's house, he repeatedly puts on the brakes and refuses to walk, while mournfully looking over his shoulder. When I finally got him home, I expected that he would put himself to bed but it seemed as though he had a lot of residual excitement because he stayed up for another couple of hours until I went to sleep.  It is now 9:00 PM and he just went in and put himself to bed and I suspect that yesterday and last night finally caught up with him.

I left for about four hours today and when returning he was so excited to see me.  He has been particularly relaxed when I pet his head and back and I think yesterday put him in a good mood.  I imagine that yesterday was one of Alvin's favorite days so far and I am hoping that he can have many more, but his bladder will largely determine it for him.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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