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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Supporting Character in my Own Life

I am starting to become convinced that my mom particularly enjoys being mentioned on this blog. I don't discuss with her in advance what I am going to write and we only discuss what has been written when she is particularly tickled with something I wrote about her and Alvin. Let's be honest, she and Alvin are the stars and at best, I am a supporting character on my own blog. I have noticed that my mom tends to call attention to something cute or out of the ordinary that occurs between her and Alvin and I am beginning to suspect that she realizes she is the co-star and wants to make sure that Alvin and her fans get to read all about it.

Much more importantly, either Alvin reads this blog or I jinx it by writing because as I have mentioned before, I'll be darned if every time I write something here, within days the behavior resumes.  For whatever reason, Alvin tends to go to my bookcase and will stare at the books and often places his nose on each book, to the point that my mom and I often joke that he is trying to select a book to read.  Now I am beginning to question my sanity in suspecting that the boy cannot only read but manages to read this blog because once again, I'll be darned if after just writing that Alvin is no longer looping, guess who busted out his vintage looping moves around the living room all night long?  He had been fed, given subsequent treats, the back door was open, no one was bothering him, and I was in my far too familiar position on the couch with the TV on - there just wasn't anything in his environment that should have caused him to have to bust out a loop, much less repetitive loops.  I suspect he is missing his co-star and I clearly am a cheap substitute to the much preferred company of my mom.  The constant pattering became annoying and disheartening and I think I am going to insist that my mom take him to live with her.  Not only would I need to convince her to take Alvin but also another dog as a playmate so that he doesn't get bored.  I seem to recall a saying about a snowball and hell that would capture the probability of that occurring but just for fun, I think I am going to attach a note to his collar, shove him through her front door and then run like all get out while timing how long it takes for him to be unwillingly delivered back to my doorstep.  The only reason I am not going to do it is because I would have to live with the looping by getting his hopes up and then having them dashed.

Remember that I  just wrote about Alvin's ability to gently take treats consistently the past month or two?  Well, something misfired between Alvin's mind and his mouth because he chomped down on my index finger to the point that I initially thought that any pointing I would do in the future would be an obscene gesture.  He only did it once but I fear writing anything more about his improvement because I do enjoy having both hands.  I have come to the conclusion that his previous chomping down tendencies had to do with just having no experience in getting treats.  He just needed ample practice in finding out that my fingers weren't edible and I only shed actual blood on a couple of occasions.  But if the past is any indicator, I will be in ER within the next 48 hours, getting stitches and begging a surgeon to save my finger.  If nothing else, living with Alvin offers the possibility of all kinds of surprises.

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