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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Boyless Bed

Well, once again I find my bed without a hint of a male in it.  Don't worry, I am very, very used to it.  I am giving Alvin a break from sleeping on my bed, which leaves only the loyal females, Stevie and Maddie.  Alvin has increasingly started to run like his tail is on fire when I approach him at bedtime to hoist him on the bed.  He is very aware of the routine and runs away the minute he detects I am coming for him.  I think he feels a bit helpless up there because he is too afraid to jump down, except for dire situations and so he must feel trapped.  I originally put him up there because I wanted him to have more human contact.  Then, I thought that he was enjoying it and I think he liked it better when Timmie was up there with him.  Then once Timmie died, I needed him up there with me.  But he has increasingly shown that he doesn't want to be up there and I have tried my very hardest to ignore it.  I have finally relented and accepted that once again, a male wants no part of one of my special sleepovers and so I am allowing him to sleep on the floor, while us three girls sprawl out on the bed.  Alvin is able to "hold it" when up on the bed but once on the ground, that ability sharply diminishes and so we are back to leaving the back door open and this morning I found a little gift about a foot from the outside of the door.  Before going out to check, I told him that I was going to be mad if he went potty inside but then when I saw it, I told him that he was so close to going potty outside and that at least he had the right idea. 

My approach with Alvin reaffirms why it was a gift to society that I didn't procreate.  I often tell him that I am not going to give him another treat but then when I see him looking so pleadingly, I am that parent that says, well, just one......over and over again.  If he gained weight I would not give in but when his well proportioned body looks so cute while begging, I repeatedly go back on my stance.  Then I tell him that I am going to be mad if he goes potty inside but end up congratulating him for going so close to the door and praising him for "trying".  If it were a human I was raising like this, he/she would be the over indulged, entitled, bratty child that everyone muttered about under their breathes, while I remained completely oblivious and squealed about how brilliant and or cute he/she was.  Thank goodness it's a very innocent, sweet dog instead.  Of course, I can't ignore the fact that my other dog, Stevie has developed a very serious stealing problem and so even with dogs, I manage to raise one with a criminal history.  And so when thinking about my continued choice not to procreate, I say to my community, you're welcome!

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