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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now This is Funny!

I had to go over to my mom's house for a quick errand and I decided to take Alvin so he would have a little more excitement in his day.  It's nighttime and as I was walking him over it was clear that once again, he was afraid of the dark.  When he is very scared, he walks in a quick straight line and then he jumped back and sideways away from a shadow he spotted.  I can't figure that one out because aren't dogs supposed to see well in the dark?  So then we got to my mom's house and he was just overjoyed to see her.  I stayed for less than two minutes and when I tried to walk him out the front door, he absolutely refused to cross the threshold.  I was cracking up because the leash was fully extended and yet, there he was, holding his neck back and refusing to go.  I didn't want to pull him too hard because there are stairs and I didn't want to cause him to fall.  My mom offered to take his leash to see if he would go and he went instantly with her, without a second of hesitation.  She walked him down the stairs and then I took the leash and walked him home.  He came into the house and started to whimper and mutter while going from door to door looking for her.  I called to tell her that he wouldn't stop crying and she got out of bed, got dressed and came over to be with him.  When she walked through the door, he heard it and of course, ran to that garage door that we never use......WHY?  He is so happy she is here and the whimpering has ceased.  My mom has agreed to doing a test run of him coming over by himself for a visit.  Cross your fingers that he doesn't urinate in the house because that will be the end of the trial visit.  If he only knew how much his future happiness depended on his bathroom habits....

One of you left a comment that you would like a video of Alvin burping and I have often thought about how I can capture the moment.  Luckily, he always burps after a meal but it will require me to video him any where from one to 20 minutes.  I will do my very best to capture the gassiest dazzlings of Alvin Stanley because it's really worth the watch.  Stay tuned......

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