Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Go Sell Crazy Some Where Else - We're All Stocked Up Here

After watching many videos of Alvin in his former foster home and realizing that in many ways he seemed more normal then he is now, and then a subsequent candid discussion with my mom, I have been forced to come to the realization that I make animals weird.  I showed the videos to my mom and like me, she was taken aback by how much better Alvin seemed on the videos.  We then began reflecting on the various animals we have had and commenting how most of them were either a bit odd or downright nuts and we had to conclude that we have been the common denominator.  From the cat that would get up on dressers and then leap off to randomly to pounce on my mom in the middle of the night, to the cat that if she smelled menthol would start a scary kind of growling yawl and then attack people, to the cat that would climb up on the roof every single day and then cry to be rescued, to the cat that had to walk in a certain pattern throughout the whole house, and the horse that would escape under the electric fence and we would find him a mile down after having sneaked his way into varying horse pastures while refusing to come out when I called him.......... and the list goes painfully on and on.  My current cat thinks she's a dog, down to now squatting on the lawn, going potty and then refusing to try to bury it, not to mentions that she drinks out of the garden hose.  Even wonderful Timmie got the cops called on us one night when I had the very loud air conditioner on and didn't realize that he was barking his lungs out in another room, to the point that my neighbors two doors down woke up and thought that I must be dead for not hearing him.  I had four police officers at my house, shining flash lights in my windows and in my backyard.  Stevie steals from people.  And then there's Alvin, which begs the chicken or the egg question when it comes to his oddness and living here.  Don't even get started on the whole idea that animals start immulating their owners because I get it already.  Over the years, I had many cats run away and I was always so bewildered as to why they left me but I am now realize that they were forced to get out before they became permanent residents of Toon Town. 

On another note, today is my mom's 70th birthday and I know just the perfect gift for her.  I am thinking that a cute little bumblebee would make for a delightful surprise.  Okay, so it's a dog underneath that costume that randomly burps, loops, and sometimes goes potty in the house but what would she do with a normal pet?  She's never had one so why start now?  Happy birthday dear mom and for the gift of Alvin and all of his little surprises he is bound to leave you on the floor, you're welcome!

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