Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alvin's Big Boy Outing

Alvin finally got his dream outing.  On Friday, my mom came over and I was able to finally talk her into taking Alvin back to her house without me.  She put the leash on him and he didn't even give me a second glance as he bounded out the door with her.  I watched from the window as she held the leash over her head and Alvin triumphantly pranced circles around her.  Less than two minutes later, the phone rang and my stomach dropped.  I began anxiously questioning what could have possibly gone wrong in less than 120 seconds.  I envisioned my mom sprawled out on the floor because Alvin had finally caused her to fall flat.  As I picked up the phone, I was waiting to hear the infamous line, I've fallen and I can't get up.  Instead, she was calling because she was concerned that Alvin was going circle himself sick.  She hadn't seen his extra excited circling, which I refer to as his rodeo circles.  It reminds me of the western horse event where a horse does a sliding stop, leans heavily on their back legs and then does very fast, very tight circles.  When Alvin does his rodeo circles, he gets going so fast that he nearly blurs and I always wait for him to gain so much speed that he takes off and hit the ceiling.  I reassured her that he was just so excited that his body couldn't handle it.  I sounded confident but as I got off the phone, I started internally pleading that he wouldn't puke or urinate on her floor because that would have been the end to outings with grandma.  After being gone for about 15 minutes, I couldn't stand the suspense and broke down and called to see how he was doing.  She reported that it was going well and that she would return him soon.  I urged her to do so because it was imperative that it ended on a successful note.  When she returned a few minutes later, she reported that he was able to stop the rodeo circles long enough to get each piece of hot dog she offered him, and that he was able to even sit for each one.  He did so well that she went in the other room and got on her computer, leaving him to explore the house by himself.  There were no puddles coming from either orifice and he didn't feel compelled to come in and repeatedly nose tap her.  When arriving back home, he came trotting in with his tail high in the air and I don't know who was prouder, my mom, Alvin, or me.  There will clearly be at least one more outing, and will potentially be many more as long as his blatter doesn't betray him.

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