Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alvin's Afraid of the Dark

I rarely take Alvin out for walks after dark but I did tonight and noticed that once again, I realized that he is afraid to go for walks at night.  I have noticed it before but I wasn't prepared for it this time.  He ended up going for a fast loop and he caught Stevie across her throat with his leash and insisted on completing the loop.  Poor Stevie went reeling backwards to try to rescue herself.  The street lights were on and Alvin kept seeing my shadow and darting around looking for the other person following us.  I took him out because I worry about him being bored and all I ended up doing was traumatizing him.  I didn't know it was possible for a dog to be afraid of the dark because of their ability to see well in the dark but the last time we walked in the dark, he managed to run himself in a parked car while doing a loop.  So, well keep our entertainment to the daylight hours.

We're having a very late night because Maddie has another urinary tract infection and the antibiotic hasn't kicked in yet.  She has gone deaf and has started to meow a lot and so tonight she keeps going in and outside to try to go potty and is letting the whole house know of her comings and goings.  She is quite prone to them but she tends to respond within hours to the antibiotic but in the meantime, we are all awake in solidarity.  Poor girl! 

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