Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alvin's Personal Christmas

Alvin just got his personal Christmas, birthday, Hanukkah, Ground Hog's Day, Thanksgiving, and every other imaginable holiday all rapped up into one because he has managed to convince me that he needs more food.  As you all know, he is obsessed with food and would be willing to give up a limb for a treat. Stevie got weighed at the vet and now weighs 24 pounds. She has lost three pounds since being here and because she is small boned, 24 pounds is a good weight for her. Once I shaved Alvin I noticed that he had also lost weight.   Alvin can't carry extra weight due to his back legs and the orthopedic surgeon said that he already had quite a bit of arthritis. Stevie has exceptionally flexible hips but because she is aging, it is important for her to carry as little weight on her joints as possible. They are both at good weights but it seems like the amount of food I give them causes them to lose weight and so I am upping their food intake so they can maintain their current weights. They have certainly not gone hungry because besides their two meals a day they get at least five snack times each day because only a person with a heart filled with coal could turn down Alvin's constant pleas for a treat.  I try to refrain but when he throws his body at me and holds onto my leg with his front paws for dear life, I am powerless to resist.  Having those big brown eyes pleading, along with him licking his lip,s and a new reaction, which consists of his chattering his teeth, how could anyone say no.  I would refuse him if he were overweight but since he has been able to maintain his svelte figure, I get to give in.  I only wish Alvin was aware that he is getting more food because I think it would cause him to break down and cry with gratitude.  I have tried to explain this to him but he is too busy begging for the food I am holding to listen. 

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