Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Janet, I've Outgrown You. Love, Alvin

I have been watching numerous videos of Alvin when he was in his former foster home in an effort to gauge his progress here, as well as to see how he reacted to various situations.  What I keep coming across is how much Alvin imitates the behavior of the dogs around him.  He keenly observes dogs and I saw countless times when he would imitate both Stevie and Timmie.  Timmie was the much more animated one and he benefited from being with Timmie.  I felt very bad for Alvin when Timmie died because I think their relationship was just blossoming and Alvin was clearly enjoying it.

When watching videos like the one below I was shocked to see Alvin with toys in his mouth while running around.  I am yet to see Alvin actually run.  He does a very fast trot but he never runs and yet, I have seen many videos of him doing just that on far weaker back legs.  His running is done in such a playful manner and I just don't see him do that here.  Also, not only does he carry toys in the videos but he occasionally tries to play with the other dogs and stays right with them.  I have many toys and I have tried everything short of putting one in my mouth and crawling on the floor to get him to play with them but I suspect that because neither Stevie nor Timmie played with toys that Alvin forgets how.

I think Alvin is bored here.  The calmness and predictability of my house was very good for him but after watching videos, it's clear that Alvin needs a playmate and Stevie is too old to play with him.  Selfishly, I am not willing to have a third dog here, even if it would benefit Alvin.  I am beginning to wonder if Alvin has progressed as much as he can here and is ready to move on to a home with more excitement and a younger dog to play with.  I had previously started to question if I would be able to let go of Alvin if an adopter was found but after watching videos like the one below, it's clear to me that he needs a new adventure with a playful, but gentle companion.  Here is Alvin like I have never see him here.

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