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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alvin's Big Debut

There is an upcoming Camp Cocker event in San Luis Obispo on April 14th and I am hoping to take Alvin and Stevie down.  Both have been to several adoption events without any success but hope springs eternal.  Stevie can barely hear but she hears enough that she picks up on the the dogs barking. I think it reminds her of her two months of being in a crowded shelter and so her response is to insist on being held like a baby during the whole event.  Here are three pictures of Stevie and me at two separate adoption events and this is what we did all day long, both days.

We aren't going to the event with much hope of securing an adoptive home but rather, none of Alvin's fans have seen him in the past seven months since I have had him.  This also allows him another chance to try to get the heck out of dodge by convincing someone to take pity on him and save him from the crazy lady (me, of course).  His very best friend, Sally Wolk is going to be there and she is very overdo for an Alvin afternoon.  Cathy Stanley from Camp Cocker has not been able to see Alvin's new and improved back legs and I think she would like to see what her $4,000 plus surgery got her.  It's going to be a long day because it takes us about four hours to get there but he has to face his adoringly public at some point and so I am going to do my best to get him there.  Undoubtedly, between the two dogs, there is bound to be all kinds of stories about adventures and our inevitable misadventures and so I will certainly let you all know how that goes.  If any of you live in the area and want more information about the event, please message me because of course, Alvin and I would both be delighted to meet any of our readers.  I'll even give you a treat so you can literally risk life and limb to become an official member of the Alvin Stanley club.

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  1. How I wish we lived close so that we could meet Alvin and Stevie but Texas is not exactly next door. I feel certain it will be a very entertaining day!