Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Will You Just Shut up!

Before fostering Alvin I had noticed that he responded very well to female voices, particularly high pitched, feminine sounding voices.  I took it a step further and tried singing to him, which immediately got his attention and drew him physically closer to me.  When he first arrived here I spent a great deal of time singing to him and speaking in my highest, most feminine voice, which was a stretch for me.  It always seemed to soothe him but I have recently observed that when I am petting him and start to talk to him he tends to leave the room.  I think that it takes all of his mental energy to tolerate the petting and when he then has to use a second sense it becomes too much.  Whatever the caused, once again I am able to repel a male by the mere sound of my voice.  Once I realized what was happening, I told him that I wasn't about to be fazed by his rejection and that he better buck up because I have been known to clear entire rooms just by the sound of my voice and so his little stunt was nothing new......and now I keep my mouth shut while petting him.  Funny how he doesn't me talking to him when I am holding treats.  If he gets on my nerves I am going to whip out singing the entire two hours of all the songs from Les Miserables because shamefully I know them all.  In the future I think I better stick to either getting only female or deaf animals because it's now clear that I am offensive to all members of the male species.  I wonder if goldfish can hear?

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