Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Want to be a Hamburger

I found the key to gaining Alvin's affection.  I took my nephew, Max to the new In-and-Out burger in our town.  Max ate the food in the car and the aroma must have settled on me because I came home to a very physically affectionate Alvin.  When I got home I sat on the ground because I recently discovered that if I am seated on the ground that Stevie will come and give me her version of a hug.  Stevie becomes overjoyed when I come home and if I sit on the ground, she will approach me, put her head and neck under one of my arms and bury her head in my chest.  She stays standing in this position for quite some time.  As we were having our hug, I watched Alvin who was keenly observing the interaction.  After Stevie was finished hugging, Alvin approached and did nearly the identical thing and allowed me to scratch and pet him, while "hugging" me.  I was thrilled and was thinking how smart he is and how closely he is able to imitate what he sees.  I was particularly enthused with the fact that he was staying so close.  I noticed that he kept his mouth and nose on me and I wanted to believe he was giving me kisses........ until I realized that he was inhaling me.  It turns out that he was so close because he was sniffing me all over and I then remembered the hamburger aroma that was in my car.  I don't eat meat and so the smell is rarely on me, but I now know that I am very popular with Alvin when I smell like a gigantic hamburger.  He just couldn't get enough of me and wanted to stay close.  It is always so nice when I find a way to convince Alvin to get, and stay close and so I am considering rolling in hamburger meat when I am lonely and want more of Alvin's companionship.  Whatever works, right?

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