Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alvin's Eclipse Party

On Sunday our neighborhood had an impromptu eclipse party and I brought Alvin and Stevie.  The party consisted of about 20 of our neighbors and Alvin thought it was a pretty good party but it all of a sudden became great when the two neighborhood dogs arrived.  I took Alvin over to their house to invite them their mom to the party and boy oh boy was Alvin excited.  Their mom said the dogs could come too, but it was going to take her a minute.  I tried to take Alvin back to the festivities to await their arrival and once again, he put on the breaks and refused to leave without them.  It is so cute when he refuses to go because he is so little and usually isn't the least bit assertive and it just charms me to no end when he gets stubborn.  Of course, he won and we waited for his friends.  I am realizing that Alvin's dream home would be a 24 hour doggy day care.  He likes humans okay but he just loves other dogs.  Now, if my mom ran a 24 hour doggy day care, it would be Alvin's version of heaven!


  1. I don't comment on every post but just wanted to say how much I love keeping up with Alvin's news. I think your mum should definitely adopt him so that we can keep having your wonderful updates!

    1. I second the above :-)