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Saturday, May 26, 2012

So You're Saying There's Still a Chance

Many of you have seen a frequently used comedic scenario where the nerdy guy approaches the impossibly good looking female and asks her out.  She responds that of all the men in the universe that he would be the last one she would date.  He responds, so you're telling me there's still a chance.  This is how I felt recently when having a conversation with my mom about adopting Alvin.  She came over today and told me that she had read my recent entry about her adopting Alvin and had read the reader comments encouraging her to do so.  She said that it didn't matter how much I wrote about it or how many people wrote, encouraging her to adopt him, that she wasn't going to do it.  I kept a straight face, while internally giggling, and started to say, you really should adopt him.  Why not?  It would be great!  She started arguing with me and listing reasons why she wouldn't adopt him.  In the past, when I have told her that she should adopt him, I have been met with a look as though she was talking to an alien and wouldn't even argue the point with me because she found the idea so ridiculous.  And so all I can conclude from the recent discussion is that she's saying there's still a chance.  I never let on that I was kidding because watching her argue was so entertaining.  Her last reason for being unwilling to adopt him was that he would drive her crazy.  I replied that I could take him when he was driving her crazy and she responded that I would have to take him 24 hours a day and that would hardly be an adoption.  I couldn't really argue the point because they are both nervous by nature and they would worry each other silly.  Not to mention that he absolutely won't leave her alone and for someone that doesn't want a dog, having one utterly obsessed and insisting on constantly nose tapping your feet probably isn't a good match.  I do think I got her to agree to let him have more alone visits at her house and pointed out how well behaved he was during the past visit.  She initially responded that he had been very well behaved but then thought about it for a minute and said that of course he was well behaved because they just hung out in the kitchen the whole time while she fed him bologna.  I was hoping she wouldn't remember that part.  I do think I got him more visits though and for now, that will have to be enough......but I think she said in a round about way that there's still a chance.

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