Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alvin's Going Blond

This morning I did a double take when looking at Alvin because my formerly red headed boy, is now quite blond.  He has a unique look because normally he is red, except for blond highlights on the top of his head, and when I let his facial hair grow out, he has blond hair that frames his face and makes him look like a raccoon.  When looking at him this morning and noticing how much lighter he is, I initially became nervous that maybe he had some rare condition that is causing him to become an albino.  That would seem like a ridiculous reaction but with Alvin, one just never knows.  Then the obvious dawned on me.  My little bathing beauty has spent so much time in the sun that his fur is bleaching out.  When the weather is nice, Alvin spends hours sleeping in the sun.  There seems to be about a 15 degree variation but if it gets too hot or too cold then he comes inside.  The weather has been really nice lately and for the most part, he can be found lounging outside for hours at a time.  He sleeps so soundly that I can usually walk up to him and pet him before he wakes up to realize someone is near.  If the weather remains nice, he might be white by the time the summer ends.

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