Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alvin's Not Having it!

I took Alvin over to my mom's house today and not only was she there, but there was also my two nieces and bologna.  When I tried to take him home he put on the brakes and absolutely refused to go.  I tried to drag him across the floor and when I finally got him out the door, he pulled out his latest stunt again and ran back in right before the screen door closed.  I then tossed the leash back in and told my mom that she was going to just have to keep him for a while.  I went to retrieve him later and he had enough of a change of heart that he was then willing to go back home.  I informed my mom tonight that she was going to have to break down and adopt him.  She responded, no way, but he has clearly made his choice.  We are at least going to have to come up with a visitation arrangement and let him at least have 50-50 visitation with her.  It's no longer just up to her anymore because Alvin has needs to and he clearly NEEDS to be with her!  We're putting our paws down on this one!  Stay tuned.

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