Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Talk to Me

Last night as usual, Alvin was staying very close to my mom and he kept looking at her like he really wanted something.  As a joke, my mom bent down and was saying to Alvin, "talk to me.  Tell me what you want", and I'll be darned if he didn't use that exact moment to let out a really loud burp.  It took us both by surprise and then of course, we burst out laughing.  I have realized that this burping thing he does could really back fire.  Recently, after sedating Alvin and giving him a bath and a hair cut, he was just fit to be tied and couldn't calm down.  Even though I had to give him way more of the sedative than what would work on another dog, he was still a nervous wreck after we finished.  It took two hours for the sedative to start working and by the time we finished, it was very late.  He continued to frantically circle around the house for another two hours and at 1:30 in the morning, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to take him out for a walk in hopes that a change of scenery and letting him walk off some of the anxiety would help him calm down.  I forgot that he's afraid of the dark so it only made things worse.  On a side note, how is it even possible that a dog can be afraid of the dark?  While walking, he let out a really loud burp and it dawned on me right then that if we were walking by someone, there is not a chance in the world that I could blame that burp on a dog.  It sounds very human and is way too loud for anyone to believe that it came from little ole' Alvin and so now I am paranoid about walking him in public.  The commonly held belief is that dogs can be a great way of meeting potential romantic partners but Alvin's a liability because I am yet to meet a decent man who claims that hearing a woman let one rip like a truck driver is something they are looking for in a girlfriend.  I do think it would be an additional turn off if I were to jump the gun and tell any potential suitor that my dog burps and not to blame it on me if he does it.  It's just a dead end and so Alvin may need to get over this being afraid of the dark problem so that "we" can loop and burp under the cover of darkness.

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