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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alvin and my Mom Are Arguing

Alvin and my mom are in a hopeless disagreement.  As you all know, Alvin sits and stares at my mom the entire time she is here.  It doesn't matter if it's 30 minutes or three hours, he remains a devoted observer.  He also has to repeatedly nose tap her feet but now it has escalated into an outright obsession.  While she is sitting, he insists on constantly tapping his nose all over her feet and legs.  It annoys my mom to no end because having a dog constantly tapping you with a wet, cold nose is irritating.  It is actually annoying to watch.  She has tried to scold him and shoo him away but he has no reaction and he just won't stop.  She is now forced to put her legs up on the arm of the chair, which isn't ideal because of her recent knee replacement surgery.  I don't think his nose tapping has anything to do with a particular fascination with her feet and legs but rather that it's the only part of her body he can reach.  I think if she sat on the floor he would nose tap her entire body until the end of time.  My mom was a special education teacher and she said it reminds her of autistic children that constantly stroke people.  With Alvin he clearly only wants to nose tap her and has no interest in tapping me.  I am thankful for the rejection because I am able to sit with my legs on the floor while watching my mom contorting her legs every which way.  I don't think this is getting him closer to his absolute dream come true of having alone visits at my mom's house.  I think I will buy her a Hazmat suit in order to deal with his tapping of love.

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