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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Video of Alvin Trying to Eat a Hot Dog

I finally tried to video Alvin eating a piece of hot dog to give you an idea of how he struggles to get mushy foods into his mouth.  I noticed while playing the video back that there are pieces of his kibble strewn about the floor.  I had interrupted his breakfast to film the hot dog, and when he eats, he walks around and because the kibble is small, it falls out of his mouth and goes all over the place.  We are going to switch to bigger kibble again but with the small kibble he ends up getting a second meal while cleaning up all the dropped bits. 

I also noticed that the hot dog piece looks much bigger on camera - my whole hand looks much bigger on camera.  In reality, the hot dog piece is a very reasonable bite size.  What the camera does not capture is how hard I am pressing to get it past his front teeth and tongue and it usually bounces back out. 

On the second try at sitting, he hesitates, which is very rare for him when a hot dog is present.  I realized after the fact, that it was a demonstration of how when I hold a treat in my "wrong" hand or there is anything different, in this case the camera, how he often doesn't know to sit.  Compared to how much he usually struggles to comprehend the command, sit when I try it with my left hand, he did remarkably better this time.  It is common that if I try to give the treat to him with my left hand, am sitting instead of standing, or have anything else in my hand that he stands gazing at me, with a confused look and doesn't know to sit.  He is a dog that needs everything to be exactly the same in order to comprehend the command.

Last, I just missed the opportunity to get my cat, Maddie on tape because every single time I give treats or feed the dogs, she hears it (she is supposedly nearly deaf), comes out, sits for her turn, and meows if I am not fast enough in giving her a treat too.  She had just come out and received her treat before I had though to pick up the camera.  I will get her another time.

 Here is a link to the his video.  Kind of interesting, but very odd, huh?

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