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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My birthday went to the dogs

I am hoping that Alvin enjoyed my recent birthday because most of my presents were in some way for him.  I asked for dog stairs for my birthday and my mom gave them to me early.  They have been very helpful and I have enjoyed watching all three dogs utilize them.  The one that may be benefiting the most is my blind foster dog, Stevie.  I was gone last night and Stevie usually goes outside and waits for me but I came home last night to find that she had climbed the stairs and put herself to bed for the evening.  My mom also got me a sweat shirt for the dog park that says, Ask Me About My Foster Dog but I am a bit afraid to wear it because I am not sure I want to encourage people to articulate their questions about Alvin as he is running around me in circles like a kid's party pony.  Last, I received in the mail a birthday package which had a battery operated toy, which consisted of a weasel attached to a ball.  The ball rolls around and it looks like the weasel is pushing it.  Timmie hid behind me, Alvin was curious but cautious and it was the cat that came in and kicked a bit of weasel butt.  As always, the cat remains the most courageous of all of them. 

My Christmas will also be devoted to the dogs because I have asked for grooming clippers to be able to groom Stevie and my dog, Timmie.  I am not going to attempt to groom Alvin because one can't even count all the ways that could go wrong.  I do worry that my grooming Stevie could take away any last hope of Stevie finding an adoptive home because first, I have no idea how to groom a dog.  Second, I have a complete lack of natural ability to do my own hair.  Third, I lack the essential grooming attributes of patience, artistic vision, and an attention small longer than a gnat.  Nothing about me having clippers near a living being is a good idea but what would Christmas be without at least one mishap?  So, as you're gathered with your family and friends this Christmas remember us here with me using clipper like a chainsaw and two very special dogs getting never before seen hair cuts for Christmas.  

On another note, Alvin has taken up landscaping.  He has started to eat little leaves.  It isn't every little leaf but just one once in a while.  Just like everything else, Alvin is a mystery because it's just once in a while that he finds one he wants to eat, while others hold no temptation for him.  If he is going to be a leaf-eating dog then I wish he would fully commit to it because it's Fall and I have plenty of little leaves that need to be raked or eaten and since I hold no hope of Alvin learning to rake, he needs to get to chomping.

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