Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alvin Wants to be an Author

I have made this conclusion based on the fact that he has "autographed" my last two books.  I have put him on the be with me while I read at night and he has gone into that odd puppy play he does when nervous and starts teething everything around him.  It's the cutest thing imaginable and up until now he has not so much as left a tooth mark on anything and has been so gentle that you could offer him up a baby's hand and he wouldn't hurt it.  But then he found my books.  He has left his autograph in the form of an Alvin bite mark in my last two books while I am holding the book.  I think he would chew up the bottom of my books if I let him.  If I put a book on the floor he would have no interest in chewing it but in my hands, on the bed they seem to offer up new possibilities for him.  I was planning on selling the books to the local used book store but I don't think anyone would appreciate Alvin's stamp of approval and so the books are permanently mine.  The good news is that Alvin seems to have found a way to pick good books and also a way to communicate his picks because the two books with his bite mark in them have been really good books!  He seems to be making himself the Punxsutawney Phil of the literary world because if he bites the book it means it's a good one.  Forget two thumbs up or Oprah's book picks, Alvin's chomp means a guaranteed good just can't always read the bottom two sentences of the page but use your imagination.

Last night he was on the bed for quite some time but then at 2:00 AM Stevie decided that it would be a really good idea to get out of the dog bed, march herself outside, go directly under my mom's window and start barking her little head off.  Timmie, Alvin, and I all made a run for it.  I ran to get to her as fast as possible to silence her before my mom came over and thanked me once again for having three dogs living right next to her.  Whereas Timmie made a run for it in hopes of joining in with Stevie's early morning serenade and Alvin just made a run.  Once we got everyone back inside Alvin wasn't wanting to be on the bed and he ended up spending the remainder of the night in his beloved dog bed.  Alvin loves his little bed and I am kind of a jerk for making him sleep on the bed with me but it's my only reward and it is simply too tempting to have that little nugget all curled up asleep next to me.  Alvin is very cute in pictures but he is way cuter in person and when he sleeps......forget about it.

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