Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alvin Got in Trouble For the First Time

Well, you know Alvin is making progress when he gets comfortable enough to get in trouble.  Tonight we were doing a bit of training with treats and I was holding up Alvin's treat and telling him to sit.  Alvin knows the drill well and instead he chose to jump up and about take my finger off to get the treat.  Boy, did it hurt and I raised my voice, while wagging my finger and said, don't you ever do that again!  His response to my reprimand was entirely underwhelming because he just looked up with his cute little face while blinking at me.  I was surprised by his complete lack of acknowledgement and all I could do was wish that someone in this house would listen to me.  Stevie can't because she's basically deaf and Maddie has either lost much of her hearing or has learned how to fake it.  Timmie absolutely does not know I exist when we go to the dog park or any where outdoors and so it only leaves Alvin and the look of complete non-acknowledgment from him made me know that I had finally realized complete defeat in my own house.  Clearly the tribe has spoken and I've been voted off my own island.

The only bright spot is that Alvin went back to my little cuddler last night.  Timmie's jealousy surfaced again last night and so while Alvin was on the bed next to me Timmie decided that it would be a great idea to take the opportunity to hump Alvin.  Poor Alvin, because when he gets on the bed he tends to lose the ability to move and is a deer in the headlights.  I have a no humping on my bed policy and so I kept intervening and then Timmie went for his old tried and true maneuver.  Whenever Timmie is not allowed to chase, growl, or hump an animal away he then goes to Plan B and starts licking their ears and faces.  He is famous for this with the cat.  What it tends to do is to annoy his victim but it's more difficult to reprimand him because it looks so sweet.  So, he went in for the licking strategy and poor Alvin was ducking and dodging but wouldn't move.  We finally got it all sorted out and Alvin went to sleep relatively close to me but further away then in the beginning BUT then I woke up several times and he was curled up in the smallest little ball with his face right next to mine.  His fur around his mouth and nose is a different color than the rest of him and its the softest thing I have ever felt and is a downy, fluffy, softness that I can't describe.  A couple times I woke up in the night to that soft little muzzle sharing my pillow with me and I was so happy he was there.  I realize that I may lose a finger or two but he sure will be cute chomping down on it with that soft, delicate little muzzle of his.

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