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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Double Knee Surgery Squared

I found out today that my mom also has to have double knee surgery, so no wonder Alvin likes her so much - they have something in common.  I am wondering if their surgeries should be scheduled together so that I can pick them both up and take them to go potty at the same time.  With Alvin's propensity to walk on people's feet, do tight circles around them while they walk, and walk on the back of people's heels, those two are going to have to be separated during their respective rehabs or someone is going to accidentally kill the other. 
Alvin has now turned the corner from looking like he was a victim of some odd tropical disease to now looking like an alien.  His lower eye lids have lost all their pigment and his upper eye lids are spotted with the pigment flaking off more each day.  When I take him to the dog park I am going to walk away and pretend I don't know him because goodness only knows what people will make of his appearance.  I am being interviewed for an internet show next week to profile him in hopes of finding an adoptive home but I am definitely sending them old pictures because I don't want the entire conversation to be about what happened to his eye lids and whether he is actually really a dog or not.  It's going to be enough of a challenge because I can't lie and so the conversation might go something like this, no, he doesn't really like to be petted and if you pick him up his teeth chatter and he scrambles away as though you are killing him.  But if he likes you he'll put you on his looping route and circle around you approximately every 15 seconds.  But please do try to keep the furniture the same because any change makes him circle himself dizzy.  He may look like he is having a seizure when riding in the car but it's just shear fear and panic.  He does love to eat but be careful when feeding him by hand because he may manage to take off your finger but his mouth is little so he shouldn't bite more than the finger at the first joint.  He isn't a barker so don't mistake his burping for barks like I did, they're just really loud burps.  He is house trained for the most part but he frequently gets mixed up and manages to poop a foot on the wrong side of the door but at least he's close to the outside.  He will give you a lot of attention by staring at you until you think he is some character out of a Stephen King novel but other than that, he's super great! 

In actuality, Alvin is just a love and someone is going to be over the moon with this dog but it's going to be a special someone and until then I will just enjoy those pigmentless eye staring back at me.

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