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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alvin Needs Help

Lately I have received a lesson in humility.  I am a person who does not allow anyone to pay for anything for me (except my mom).  My pride around money is so pronounced that from my very first date until now I don't let me pay for me on dates.  You would think that would make me more popular in the dating arena, now that I think about it.  I have been fortunate that up until Stevie and Alvin I have had foster dogs that did not need medical procedures.  Even with my very first foster dog, Maury I was employed and paid for his cataract surgery myself.  I am not employed right now and I have two foster dogs that need expensive medical procedures.  As a foster parent, you aren't expected to pay for their medical care but it's difficult not to take on the responsibility especially right now when shelters start being more crowded than any other time of the year because people start turning in their adult dogs because they want to get a puppy for Christmas.  That fact is difficult to comprehend but it's true and dogs start being euthanized much more often during the holiday season.  So, rescues are feverishly trying to save as many lives as they can and dogs like Stevie and Alvin become far more difficult to pay for.  I'm realizing that I have to get in gear and start helping make it possible for Alvin to get his knee surgery.  Stevie being a candidate for cataract surgery came up as such a surprise and the idea of helping a dog see again made her needs front and center.  Stevie's surgery is much more gratifying but Alvin really needs to get his knees fixed or else he faces a life time of arthritis.  Also, as many of you have read, the weakness of his back legs impede his ability to do some things.  I want to take advantage of me being home because if I get a job before the surgery than Alvin is going to have to rehab at the vet's office and that is expensive and it would be scary for Alvin.  So, I am swallowing my pride (painful for me) and I am attaching a chipin I just made for him in case anyone here would like to donate towards his surgery.  Getting the money for his surgery is going to come from a lot of small donations and so if you can only spare $5.00, please don't hesitate to do it because you think that amount won't matter because each donation is going to very much matter.  I won't be fundraising here for other dogs.  Stevie's situation was so surprising and incredible that I wanted to share it here and since this is Alvin's blog, I think it's appropriate to share his chipin.  For those of you who can't give, please stick around and keep reading.  I got word from Camp Cocker that they are trailing quite a ways in the twitter contest and so the chances are slim to none that they will get the $7,000 prize.  One way or another he is going to get his surgery.

Here are a couple of pictures of what is wrong with Alvin's knees.

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