Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alvin's in Surgery

I would love to say that we left at the crack of dawn this morning but the dawn did not begin to crack until we were an hour down the road.  Alvin spent most of the ride trying to find food because I couldn't feed him this morning.  Looking for food seemed to take his mind off of being afraid of driving in the car.  He quickly realized that he had spent three hours in the car to come to his worst nightmare because once again there was an enclosed room, people holding him, and finally getting a shot.  They ended up sedating him right away and I am assuming they did it so quickly because he was a nervous wreck.  Apparently he has a lot of eye lashes rubbing against his eye and he may have to have two surgeries.  I will know more when he is out of surgery.

The brightest news of the day came because I brought my other foster dog, Stevie along for the ride.  Cathy at Camp Cocker suggested that Stevie get an eye exam since we were going to Fresno anyway.  Stevie is completely blind due to cataracts and it looks like she has been blind for probably many years.  She was seen in the past by an eye doctor and he didn't think she was a candidate for cataract surgery but today, this eye doctor said she is.  This came as a complete surprise and I continue to get teary every time I think about it because one of my favorite life experiences was the one time I got to see a blind dog see for the first time.  I had adopted an old, blind dog and never even knew cataract surgery was an option for him.  I ended up taking him to the eye doctor that I am at right now and he performed the surgery on him.  When a dog has cataract surgery, they see right away and when I went in to see my dog, he ended up jumping up to my face and brushing against my face with his face and he just stayed there and kept looking and brushing against me.  It is something so extraordinary to get to experience.  So, I will start trying to help Camp Cocker fundraise.  I am so hoping that Alvin only needs the one surgery so that Camp Cocker doesn't have to raise additional money for Alvin.  Whatever the case, I just know that the money will come in and that there will be one dog that will have her sight restored and one dog that won't have painful eyes anymore.  Now, that makes for a great day!

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