Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Curiosity Hasn't Killed my Cat, but it Sure Might Kill my Mom

For such a skittish dog Alvin cannot help but be the Gladys Kravitz of the house.  If my mom or I are doing anything with our hands Alvin will literally put his chin in our hands to get the closest look possible.  If I stand up Alvin is right there to see what's going on.  The dogs, cat, or I literally cannot move without Alvin jumping up and being right there.  This has proven to be dangerous because when my mom or I walk not only is Alvin directly under our feet but he his so busy looking up to see what's going on that he doesn't pay any attention to where his body is.  Every time I wear flip flops it ends of being a potential walk of death because he repeatedly steps on the back of them as I am walking and trips me over and over and when I have tripped particularly hard I have blurted out, you are going to kill someone one day.  My mom is going to be having double knee surgery (so she and Alvin can be twins) and walking is difficult at times for her and then adding Alvin to the equation has spelled near disaster many times and has resulted in my mom having a one-sided argument with him while he remains completely oblivious and keeps circling her feet. 

Alvin's curiosity at night time causes that poor boy to do more running then a dog should do because he likes to go into the bedroom and go to sleep but literally every single time I even put my foot on the floor he hears it and comes running.  It is astonishing what he is able to hear and his commitment to coming to see what is going on every time is remarkable.  But tonight the problem has escalated because it is very windy here and tree branches keep banging against the house and the outside shutters keep clanging and poor Alvin jumps up and runs in each and every time.  I wish he would clue in that he could save himself innumerable steps by just curling up in the living room but apparently the bedroom is far more appealing no matter what the cost.  I am picturing dealing with this during his post surgery rehab when putting weight on those back knees is prohibited and I envision tip toeing and army crawling around the house so he won't jump up to see what's going on.  If this dog would just start barking we could get him a job as the neighborhood watch dog because there is not a dog on earth that is more on top of everything around him.  When Alvin finally relaxes, which requires us all to be in the bedroom with him and us all lying down, he finally passes out to the point that twice I have felt for his breathing because I was worried that he was dead.  As I am writing this I am realizing that the video I was so excited about of him letting me pet him all over while he was sleeping maybe wasn't so much a sign of progress but just evidence of his sleep deprived coma.  Whatever the case could we please just get a slight break and have this wind die down so Alvin could get even 10 minutes of sleep.  I guess this rules out him living in Chicago.

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