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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alvin's Middle Name

I tend to give my pets a middle name because I find it gratifying to use their full name when they are in trouble.  Timmie got in so much trouble when first coming here that he has two middle names and so when he hears, Timothy Thomas Mitchel White he knows he's in the dog house.  Stevie's middle name is Marie and both Alvin and Stevie's last name is Stanley for Cathy Stanley, the founder of Camp Cocker.  I have been stumped on what Alvin's middle name should be.  Usually the middle names just come to me - I'm not bragging but it is a gift I have.  But nothing is coming to me in regards to Alvin.  He was named Alvin because he looks like Alvin the Chipmunk and it fits him perfectly.  The problem is that Alvin isn't a particularly tough name and if he were a human he would probably be tormented for the name on the play ground.  Alvin is completely submissive to the point that he squats like a female when urinating, doesn't mark, doesn't bark, and the only time he tried to mount another dog (Timmie) was when Timmie had food on his back.  So, I want to give Alvin a tough sounding middle name to boost his confidence and signal to the other dogs at the dog park that he may be little but he isn't to be messed with.  I am leaning towards Alvin "The Hulk" Stanley, although Alvin Goliath Stanley has a ring to it.  Or Alvin Hercules Stanley or even Alvin Sampson Stanley but I can't seem to come up with the perfect fit.  What I want to name him is Alvin Peanut Stanley because he is just a little peanut but that's certainly not going to help him get much street cred. at the dog park and so the search continues.

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