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Monday, December 19, 2011

Alvin Does Fresno

Alvin and I brought Stevie to Fresno for her cataract surgery. If all goes as planned, Stevie will go from a completely blind dog, to one that can see again.  I brought Alvin so the doctor could check Alvin's eyes because they are still watering as much as they were before the surgery and as luck would have it, he gave me more eye drops to put in his eyes twice a day.  Good grief!  Alvin is now pacing around the waiting room and he has about four more hours to pace. 

He did so much better in the car this morning.  Within 45 minutes he was able to lay down and within an hour he fell asleep.  This is an improvement from the bugged eyed, seizure-like shaking reaction of the past.  I just don't think he has much experience riding in a car.

Alvin went with Stevie and me to her fundraiser on Saturday.  It seemed like a good idea at the time..... He looked like he was doing quite well and allowed everyone to pet him, but now that I know how he communicates fear (besides the obvious), I could see that he was stressed out.  He opens his mouth a bit when he is very stressed and I kept seeing his little mouth open.  It was good to know because everyone has commented in the past that Alvin does so well at the events but when watching his subtle cues, it was clear that he was scared.  Santa was there and everyone took turns having their dogs pose with him for a picture but I decided that I wouldn't permanently emotionally scar Alvin by making him be held by a man in a big red suit.  I can visualize the picture now, with Santa frantically trying to hold on to Alvin who would be mid-air with all four legs spinning and his eyes bulging out of his head.  That would be one of those pictures that I would look back on and think, why did I make him do that?  On the way home, he promptly fell asleep and was just exhausted. 

We are now working on trying to find a groomer that can come to the house.  He is getting very shaggy and needs a haircut.  I don't know who the unsuspecting victim will be that has to cut his hair.  I guess it would be cruel to act surprised when Alvin flips out and tell the person that he never acts this way and allude to it being the person's fault?  Yes, too mean but kind of funny.

It's going to be a long day for Alvin and me.  I keep tossing kibble on the floor hoping that Alvin will see that waiting for hours in a closed in area is fun but he clearly isn't falling for it yet.  We'll keep you posted.

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