Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, June 7, 2012

You Know What Alvin?

I almost tripped right over your head.  This is what I heard from my mom as she was trying to make dinner for us in the kitchen.  It was much nicer than what she had said the night before when Alvin hurt her and I heard her say something similar to thank you, but it was definitely not thank you, and she said it four times in a row.  Alvin's response?  To just get closer to her.  While cooking in the kitchen she told Alvin and Stevie who were glued to her, "you aren't very well behaved children.  You're the kind of kids that only get invited over once for a play date."  Luckily Stevie is deaf so these comments aren't a blow to her self esteem and Alvin isn't phased by it a bit. 

On a different note, sure enough Alvin has to go to the right every time when exiting the back door and so we will keep the sprinkler schedule for 5:00 AM and hope it doesn't interfere with the time when he has to go potty.  So odd!

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