Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cuddle Time With Alvin

I continue to enjoy bedtime with Alvin because he allows me to scratch and pet him all over when we are on the bed together. I also love waking up to him lunging across me while not having a care in the world. I have been trying to spend more time sitting on the ground outside with him because he is most relaxed while outdoors and feels far less threatened when I am sitting at his level. He has been able to spend progressively more time standing next to me while I scratch and pet him. I have found that if I look away from him and don't talk to him that he can stand there for longer. I look like an idiot sitting on the concrete on the side of my house (his favorite sunning area) while pretending to be super casual, as though I hardly notice that I'm petting him. We have had a couple of sessions where I was able to pet him until my arm got tired.

The great news is that the nose tapping, sniffing behavior towards my mom has temporarily ceased. He still likes to be around her but is able to leave her feet and legs alone. I do often find him to be on the outside part of the doorway, looking in at her while she is seated in the chair and he sits and watches her like a TV. Anytime she moves, he runs in to see if maybe she is about to do something fantastic that he can be a part of.  If you are the center of Alvin's affections, you just can't help but feel important and valued.  I hope it doesn't go to her head and starts being difficult to be around because if one is to gauge Alvin's response to her, she's nearly famous.

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