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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Behind Door Number One

I have mentioned this before but the fact that Alvin is completely unable to hear a noise and then process where the noise is coming from became glaringly obvious the other day while we were visiting my mom's house.  He clearly hears fine but he has no ability to process the noise to determine where the noise came from.  It is one of the oddest things to watch and I am definitely going to get it on video so you all can see it.  Here is what happened at my mom's house.  All four of us went outside (Stevie included) and I shut the french glass door behind us.  We all walked passed Alvin so he saw that we were not in the house and he saw my mom and I sit down on chairs about 30 feet from the door.  Alvin stayed near the door and so I called him.  He heard me calling and began looking in the glass as though he thought we were inside.  He started to do his circles and would look in our general direction. I stood up, started loudly calling him while waving both of my arms and yet, he could not spot me.  He continued looking through the glass and then circling.  I was stumped that even when he would circle and look in our direction that he was unable to spot me wildly waving.  His vision seems fine but he can't focus on anything when he is circling.  I finally had to walk towards him, while continuing to wave my hands and call him.  I walked up the ramp to the porch, which is noisy and ended up having to tap him on the back before he was able to spot me.  He looked so relieved to have "found" us.  He then trotted down the ramp, spent a minute with us, then turned and went back up the ramp, went to the glass door and started the insanity all over again.  He again started looking through the glass door for us and the more I called him, the more he was convinced that we were inside the house.  My mom and I just looked at each other without ever saying a word.  I would have thought it was just a matter of him really wanting back in the house but the look (three times) of relief when I tapped him on the back and he "found" us made it clear that he really thought that somehow we were in there.  We ended up packing it up and all going inside because it was too frustrating for all three of us otherwise.

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