Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get me on my Good Side

After giving Alvin his bath I have been trying to brush him and that is going nearly as well as the bath itself.  I noticed something interesting about him.  Every time I have bathed him he resists being touched on his right side.  He also experiences a lot of anxiety when I try to brush that side and I finally realized that that is the side of Alvin's scar.  Alvin has a large scar on his right side, along his rib cage.  I can only guess that the memory of the injury stays with him and he has a need to try to protect the area. Could he get even a slight break?

So, the brushing isn't going well and he looks like a little, possibly homeless fuzz ball,  Unfortunately, Alvin has cowlicks and his hair is standing straight up in various places and it's just not a good look for him.  While trying to brush him and snip a couple of tangles out with the scissors, Alvin decided enough is enough and he managed to jump off the bed and make a run for it.  My bed is high up and usually Alvin is too afraid to jump off but today he drew the line and not only made a get away but he is now either staying outside and peaking in or back to running in circles, which I have single-handily caused him to resume.  I guess the good news is that he doesn't smell like a zoo anymore and I'm hoping for his sake that he doesn't take a look in the mirror.  I am not expecting a Christmas card from his this year.

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