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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Battle of the Beds

As I previously mentioned, Maddie, the cat completely took over the dog bed that I had placed on my bed for Alvin to use at night.  Maddie is a California cat in that she stays inside all winter long and is often found in front of the wall heater.  The minute it warms up she is outside from sun up until I drag her back in at around 11:00 PM.  She is nearly 16-years-old and is slowing down and so she spends the vast majority of her time sleeping.  She has attached herself to that particular dog bed to the point that she only gets out of it to eat or go to the bathroom.  Other than that, she is always, always in it.  The dogs know not to mess with it and have each recieved a tap on the head when they tried to get in while she was in it.  It is clear that she would gladly share it with them but Alvin is like a bull in a china closet when she taps him on the head because every once in a while something scares him while up on my bed and he starts twirling around while practically knocking her off the bed.  When Stevie was blind she would periodically try to jump in it, not realizing that it was already occupied.  She has only tapped their heads out of necessity but they clearly took the warning seriously and now poor Maddie can't get anyone to share her bed.  Like mother, like daughter.  Recently, she had gone outside to go to the bathroom and when she came in Stevie was in her bed.  I watched her intently because I knew there was going to be some type of reaction and sure enough, she walked in, looked up, did a double take and literally halted.  She was clearly taken aback but was a good sport and got on my bed, curling up right next to the dog bed.  Yesterday I put Alvin on my bed but something freaked him out and he ended up jumping into the vacant dog bed.  He looked around as though he knew he wasn't supposed to be in it but because he tends not to move once he is on the big bed, he stayed put and cuddled in for a nap.  Maddie came in and had the same reaction, with double take and all.  She then got on the bed and ended up very slowly and gentle climbing on the ledge of the dog bed and went to sleep inches away from Alvin.  While she was climbing up and positioning herself, Alvin's eyes kept getting big as saucers, while clearly contemplating whether or not he should make a run for it.  Maddie very daintly and carefully laid down on the ledge because she continues to want nothing more than to be able to cuddle with one of the dogs.  She doesn't even care which dog and has liked every dog I have brought into the house. 

I recently posted this picture but for those that might have missed it, this is the typical dog bed arrangement between Maddie and either dog.

Maddie was brought to an animal shelter in San Jose, with a male cat when she was nine-years-old.  The reason for giving them up was listed as their nine-year-old daugther having allergies.  By Maddie's reaction to dogs, I strongly suspect that she was raised with a dog that she was very bonded to.  I continue my search for her own pet dog but so far I have not found one that will cuddle with her.  I recently took pictures with my phone of her creeping up on both dogs while they were sleeping and lying next to them.  One picture shows Alvin laying his head on her stomach because in his sleep he moved his head and Maddie's little purr maching fired right up.  I don't have a phone that allows me to transfer the pictures but at some point I will text the picture to someone and have them e-mail it to me so that I can post it here.

I have decided that once Maddie goes, I won't get another cat because she is just perfect and it would be a let down to try to get another cat remotely like her.  She isn't afraid of anything and I do mean anything.  She drinks out of the garden hose like a dog, will approach anyone, and has been instrumental in making all my foster dogs cat-friendly.  She isn't at all afraid of riding in the car and used to go on drives with me, while lying on the passenger side dash board or on the back ledge by the rearview mirror.  Unfortunately, she has developed extreme motion sickness that results in her throwing up and having diarehea each time and so the days of her being my automotive co-pilot are over.  She has been the ideal cat and I so wish that I could repay her by getting her her own dog, and yes, I realize how crazy I sound when saying I want to find my cat her own pet dog but unfortunately, over time I have turned into "that person".

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