Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Held Hostage by the Cutest Captor in the World

Alvin definitely rules this house.  He determines when I move, walk, and stand.  Today I tried not to give him a sedative because I can't keep him sedated for 12 weeks and I need to start finding other alternative.  I stayed in bed and the other two dogs willingly obliged by happily getting cozy and spending the day snoozing away.  Did I mention that this required me to stay in bed and try not to move?  I did a lot of reading but kept falling to sleep because what else was there to do?  Alvin did quite did quite a bit of sleeping but ironically slept the least of all of us.  When I finally couldn't take it anymore and got up, Alvin was back up and doing his best tap dance routine throughout the whole house.  I finally gave him a sedative two hours ago and he is just now settling in to sleep.  He started to settle in a few times but the minute I stood up, he was back up and moving, while taking a good 20 minutes to start settling down again.  So, now I have my butt practically glued to the couch and will only move if one of those infamous California earthquakes starts up. 

Last night Alvin just wouldn't settle down and had been up walking for hours.  It seems that when my mom is here he can't get himself to settle down.  He appears to be completely charmed and dazzled by her.  He reacts to her by wanting to stand and sniff her for long periods of time and then wants to run circles around her chair.  I finally asked her if she could go home for about a half an hour until he fell asleep and then come back over to finish watching what we had been watching on TV.  It was very cold outside and as the request was coming out of my mouth I realized how ridiculous it all sounded. 

Earlier in the evening I had left Alvin for the first time to do a home check for a couple that want to adopt a dog from Camp Cocker.  I had given Alvin a good dose of sedative and left him with my mom.  I came home an hour-and-a-half later to find out that he had been up the whole time, with the exception of the last 20 minutes.  My poor mom had followed instruction and had stayed seated and non-moving the whole time.  It's amazing that one, itty bitty dog can dictate everything down to the movements of all the humans in the house. 

I finally was able to put my finger on what it is about Alvin that makes him so endearing.  I have previously discussed that he is the most innocent, pure being I have ever known.  He doesn't bark, it doesn't seem to cross his mind to ever bite or snap.  He doesn't mark when out on walks, and urinates like a female dog.  He is completely submissive and will share anything with anyone.  With all this said, I could not come up with a comparision until last night.  He reminds me of a child between the ages of 18 months to about two-years-old.  You know how kids that age are so delightful and even when they're being naughty it isn't really naughty because they are still in that very innocent stage?  How everything they do tends to be filled with love and they are just so utterly charming and engaging?  That's Alvin.  If kids stayed in that stage I might have been willing to create one or two of them but then they grow up to be less innocent and charming.  Alvin seems to be perpetually in that stage.  With the exception of his walking around thing that might suck my will to live, he is always filled with such innocence and charm.  There's not another dog like him!  I have to keep this in mind when I find myself held captive in my own bed or on my own couch.  11 days down and only 73 days to go.  Forget sedating him, just shoot me with a dart gun and wake me when it's over.

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  1. I imagine that Alvin feels pretty much the same as you do, like: "How did I get so lucky as to be sent to Janet's outpost of Camp Cocker?" In fact, I'd be willing to bet that his circling is at least partly due to his astonishment of his change of fortune - going from being abandend to heaven on earth. I am Alvin's biggest fan, but you are his angel.