Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Alvin has recently taken a liking to watching TV.  He goes up to the TV, puts his nose on it, watches for a moment, and then catches it again on every one of his loops.  I think if we all did this type of workout when watching TV we would be a very physically fit nation.  He has taken a particular liking to Dog the Bounty Hunter, which is of course so cute that there aren't even words.  He likes a lot of action on the screen. 

Alvin seems to be a happier dog since the surgery.  I don't know if it can be attributed to the sedatives but even when he's not on them he just seems to be happier.  I wonder if he was in pain and I didn't know.  It was always a question because from the anatomy of his knees, he should have been in pain but I watched him very carefully and he never showed it or favored his back legs.  Even when the vet would manipulate his back legs, he didn't wince or cry.  I would think that he would be in pain now from the surgery but he doesn't appear to be and I don't even have him on pain medication at this point.  I don't know what it is but he just seems happier, which makes me happier. 

He has become far more receptive to all kinds of touch and now allows me to pet him over his head and on his back.  I took full advantage of him being mellow from the sedatives and spent a great deal of time scratching and petting his back and his head, which he seemed to really enjoy.  Now, even when he is not on sedatives he is allowing me to pet his head and back.  He is still a bit skittish but he seems to enjoy it and allows it.  If this is the side benefit to the surgery than I am very grateful. 

Last night Alvin slept by my head all night and ended up sleeping in for a long time this morning.  I couldn't believe how much sleep we all got.  I only gave him a sedative once today and he has managed to stay lying down for a good part of the day.  Of course, he had his looping moments......well, looping hours but he can't that be on sedatives all day, every day indefinitely.  We are going to the vet tomorrow to have his stitches removed and I will consult with him as to what to do about the sedatives.  I think it would be best to start tapering but to have some on hand for when he is up way too long and won't settle down. 

Today when Alvin was up too long and wouldn't lie down, I put him on my bed because that is a sure way to make him lie down.  He went to get his dog bed that I have on my bed and unfortunately I had shoved it too close to the wall.  When he was in the bed and stepped to the back, the bed started falling into that gap between the bed and the wall.  If he had fallen into the gap, that would have been a potential disaster both physically and mentally for him and I overreacted and grabbed the bed and started sliding it really fast across the bed to safety.  Luckily, it was the only time today I had given Alvin a sedative but his eyes got huge as he found himself magically sliding across the bed.  If Alvin could swear he looked like he was saying, "what the hell is going on?"  Since he was mellow his little eyes just bulged and after coming to a stop, he looked all around to make sure the bed was still there and then laid down and went to sleep.  This kind of thing would have flipped him out if he had been "sober."  It's a miracle I haven't wrecked this dog for life.

Speaking of overreacting, last night Timmie tried to play with Alvin, which consists of basically jumping on him.  Alvin reacted by leaping back, which is no good on those legs and before I could think, I yelled at Timmie to stop.  Poor Timmie must have jumped about two feet in the air and ran to me looking horrified.  I usually encourage Timmie to play but that is very off limits for the next 10 weeks.  I think I scared him so much that he may never try to play with Alvin again.  I am just a regular killjoy around this place.

I'll keep you all posted but I think things are definitely looking up around here.  Now, if we can just find a marathon of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Alvin will be one happy dog!

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