Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My dog can burp louder than your.......trucker husband!

I have come to realize that there may be a way to earn some money towards Alvin's double knee surgery.  I am going to take this boy to every frat house party I can find and place money on who can burp louder, the frat boys or Alvin and we are going to come home with not only all the money in every one's pockets but also the next month rent money for the frat house.  I kept hearing this odd little noise coming from Alvin, especially right after meals and all I could think of was that maybe Alvin had been debarked and it was a muted bark.  I was so convinced of this that I wrote Cathy at Camp Cocker to ask her if Alvin had been debarked before he was rescued.  Cathy was kind enough not to call laughing hysterically but did kindly inform me that Alvin had not been debarked.  I started paying particular attention to him after meals and sure enough it's a burp.  An itty bitty dog that can burp like a that is pure gold!  If you come across one of our roadside stands trying to lure people into placing bets, don't blow our cover and let anyone know that Alvin is a world class burper.  The little guy is growing up!

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