Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alvin's enamoured

Alvin if fascinated with my mother.  It is difficult to know if he's in love, smitten, or just plain curious but she can't move without getting Alvin's full attention.  He has gone so far as to include her in his loop and trots around her over and over again until she starts thinking that she has vertigo.  Alvin positions himself about 10 feet away from her and mans his post while never ceasing to stare at her.  When she moves, Alvin is right there.  When she talks, here comes Alvin.  When she eats, Alvin loses his mind.  Every time he approaches her he has to do that odd sniffing, and nose pressing thing but now he has added random licks, which my mom isn't so much a fan of.  It doesn't help that when she attempts to walk, Alvin attempts a fast and tight loop continuously around her, which results in her tripping and occasionally swearing.  It probably wouldn't be an issue but my mom lives next door and is here a lot.  Luckily she has a good health care plan that covers broken hips. 

Speaking of Alvin's loops, I have discovered that he has three very distinct circles, with three distinct meanings.  There is the long loop around the living room chair and around the back of the house, which means everything has gone to hell in a hand basket.  Then there is the, something in my environment changed and now I have to loop around the chair for at least a half an hour.  And finally there is the, I'm excited, I'm hungry, I'm curious, etc. AND you happen to be walking so I'm doing a death defying loop around you while you attempt to walk. 

The great news is that Alvin finally let himself relax enough to get some really good sleep.

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