Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cast of Characters

Alvin has involuntarily walked into quite a circus.  He has to share his new foster home with a few other animals.  Alvin first met my adopted dog, Timmie who is a five-year-old red male cocker spaniel that was rescued from Camp Cocker as well.  He came in to the Bakersfield shelter with a shattered pelvis, most probably caused by being hit by a car.  It was an old injury that was very painful and when he came in he was emaciated and had significant muscle atrophy in one of his back legs because he hadn't used it in a long while.  Camp Cocker paid for his surgery that put him all back together again and he has not had any medical complications since.  Timmie is a very jealous dog when it comes to other animals getting my attention and this is one of the reasons I agreed to foster Alvin because I knew that Alvin was not going to demand a great deal of physical affection from me.  Timmie and Alvin have gotten along very well.

Next Alvin met my other foster dog, Stevie who is a blind and nearly deaf, black female cocker spaniel.  She is probably around 12-years-old.  Stevie and Alvin get along just fine because both of them are very accepting of other dogs.

Finally Alvin met my 15-year-old cat, Maddie.  Maddie has no fear of dogs, or of anything for that matter and she has very quickly successfully trained every dog that has come into her home.  A few dogs have been baffled when they tried to chase her and instead ended up having to put on the brakes and skid into her because she refuses to run.  Most have received her warning tap, which consists of her taking her paw, with her claws in and simply tapping them on the head.  It has rarely required her to do more but for a couple that were not quick learners, she had to tap their heads more than once.  Maddie prefers not to have to tap and would like to find a dog that she can cuddle with.  She loves dogs and I think she would like to be one.  Interestingly, Alvin was the one that gave her the hardest time.  He was initially uninterested in her but then developed a curiosity, which consisted of him having virtually no physical boundaries and following her too closely.  He clearly wanted to chase her and maybe even intimidate her.  It was a bit frustrating to watch because I knew that Maddie would be Alvin's biggest ally if given the chance but the relationship was finally worked out where they leave each other alone.  At least Maddie represents one thing in this house that Alvin is not afraid of.

Alvin met my mom, who lives next door and is a frequent visitor to the house.  Alvin loves her and frustrates her to no end by tripping her because of his tendency to walk between her legs, on her heels, and running around her in his infamous circles.  Although Alvin is shy, he often gets on his back legs and puts his front paws on her.  Her every move is carefully scrutinized by Alvin and he rarely misses an opportunity to trip her, jump on her, or sniff her.

So, those are the characters in Alvin's new big life.  Let the adventures begin.

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