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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alvin wants his own computer

Since Alvin doesn't like to be on the couch or the bed, he is never on my level when I am on the computer, until recently when he had the impromptu jump up.  I was watching the Camp Cocker video of the dogs, Brandy and Carmel and Alvin took one look at the screen and stopped in his tracks.  His eyes followed the dogs wherever the went and he kept going to the back of the screen to see if he could find the dogs there.  When the dogs in the shelter began to bark, Alvin went into over drive, searching for those doggies.  He absolutely loves dog videos.  I tried other videos but Alvin prefers the dog ones.  I told him we could share my computer but I wasn't always going to watch dog videos and I haven't seen him on my bed since.  He may end up being the first dog with his own computer......kidding.

I have noticed that Alvin also loves the mirror in my house.  He is so smart in that when he gets in his bed at night he positions himself in such a way that he is facing the mirror and then will watch me through the reflection of the mirror.  This allows him to keep an eye on the bedroom door and keep an eye on me at the same time.  He doesn't acknowledge the TV at all, although I am realizing that I have never turned on Animal Planet for him and so I will get back to everyone on that one, but he is one of the few dogs I have met that is very aware of mirrors and computer screens. 

He has been back to circling a fair amount today.  I am not sure what is up but I think that he might be bored.  We were unable to go to the dog park today because it's closed on Wednesday's.  We do have a date with another dog to go walking on trails tomorrow.  That could end up being quite a scene because I am also taking Timmie and we need a wide circumference because of Alvin's looping and so I don't know how that is going to turn out while walking with another person and a dog and trying to actually have a conversation with my friend.  I suspect this may be a one-time invitation deal and we will be back to circle walking by ourselves again.  Stay tuned......

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  1. I love you, Alvin! If I could adopt you, I would in a heartbeat! I'm so grateful that you're in such a good place now. Wags & snuggle-hugs to you, sweetheart. :-)