Alvin sticks out his tongue when he is nervous

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Don't Know How I am Going to Break it to Alvin

that my mom is going to eventually have to go back to her own house.  He has developed quite a love affair with her and they are very sweet together.  He just loves her and she seems to have fallen for him as well.  She has determined that he has an extremely high IQ.  Granted, she made this determination while high as a kite on Oxycontin but she is absolutely convinced that he is actually brilliant.  He very well may be and maybe only the drugged up people can see this in him.  He has been great with her walker.  I did come into the kitchen to find her standing beside the walker and Alvin standing in the walker.  When my mom is not standing or walking with the walker, Alvin enjoys standing in it and seems to view it as a little house.  When my mom is sitting or in bed, the walker is usually in front of her and Alvin enjoys standing in it and spending hour upon hour gazing at her adoringly.  Last night while my mom was in the bathroom, I put Alvin's bed in my mom's bed and put him in it.  He was sitting in it and eagerly waiting for her to join him for a slumber party but she turned him down.  He couldn't have looked cuter but she just does not enjoy the fur that comes along with the animal in bed and so we had to move the slumber party to my bed. 

Alvin continues to enjoy all the people coming in and out of here because it creates so many circling and looping opportunities.  Tomorrow we have the phlebotomist to look forward to. 

It is already clear that Alvin is going to go into depression when my mom finally leaves.  I would just send him over there where his heart clearly belongs but my mom says, no way.  She is smart because she clearly enjoys him a great deal but just like kids, they are cuter and more enjoyable when one can visit them and then leave them with the parents. 


  1. What a cute visual, Alving standing in your Mom's walker like it's a little house! He is adorable.