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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gracie's Back Home

I am posting a video of Gracie and I first seeing each other again after six weeks.  I lost it.  The pent up worry and her nearly having to be put to sleep twice, I just lost it when I saw her.  Also, my cat, Maddie isn't doing well.  I have an appointment on Monday with the vet and I am suspecting that I am going to have to put her to sleep.  I had just realized this a couple of hours before seeing Gracie.  I was so grateful that Gracie would be back in time to spend some time with Maddie because Maddie adores Gracie.  When Gracie broke her femur on Christmas Eve and they sent her back with me for another three days, Maddie held vigil and literally slept on top of Gracie.  It's only right that Gracie is now here for Maddie.  Maddie isn't well enough to get up and cuddle with Gracie but her purring motor revved up when she saw Gracie.

Alvin has responded to Gracie being back by being very affectionate towards my mom and I and needing a lot of extra scratches and petting.  Who would have predicted that even a few months ago?  Gracie is very good to Alvin and it's good for Alvin to have a dog around that will interact with him a bit but not scare him.  That's a good thing because Gracie is here to stay and if you have any doubt, you won't when you see the video.

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